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Decription: When other monkey distracts the gorilla, your monkey need to get the bananas from gorilla’s bag.

Game Tags:  Friv Action , Friv angry birds

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Arrow – Move.

Space – Jump.
A – General Attack and Combos (see in game How-To for more combos).
A – Hold Down for Quick Kicks.
D – Open Inventory.
UP – Page up on inventory screen.
Down – Page down on inventory screen.
Z – Place Item.
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Oh no! Poor Santa has caught a cold just before Xmas. Olaf, the reindeer, has to help with the presents this year. Aim to deliver all the presents in timely fashion to the town members waiting in the cold or this festive holiday could go down in history as Christmas Mayhem.
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Infomation: Battle Masters: Battle Masters Ultimate is a fighting game where you use rock, paper, scissor rules to play your opponent. Winners get to control their player with the command board that will help them defend themselves and fight.

How to play: Click on the rock, paper, or scissors icon to determine who will attack: you or the enemy. After winning a rock-paper-scissors match, select a combat skill from the control panel. Empty the enemy\'s green health bar to win the battle! Between battles, use your points to stock up on items to help you in the next battle.
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Description: Hit the Alps at full speed on a snowboard and pull off daring stunts scoring as many points as possible. Become the iStunt 2 legend!


[Z][X] Do tricks
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